A Bespoke Post Bound Black Leather Photo Album

Our client wanted to create a copy of a much valued family photograph album.

In the first instance we asked the client to provide measurements and images of the album in order to allow us to hand make a copy of the photo album and also a description of the album which was that it was black leather with a custom number of individual pages contained therein.

From the pictures in the first instance we were able to determine that this was a post bound photograph album.

A post bound photo album describes the fact that the photo album pages are in fact individual sheets that are held in place using brass posts that at the top have brass screws. In undoing these screws the pages can be removed. Post bound albums are most useful in that they allow either more pages to be added or some removed if required.

From the pictures you can see that the client supplied the measurements we needed that included the overall page size so we could make our pages to the same size. The position of the holes that the posts pass through to secure the individual pages. Also the position of the post holes in respect of the overall cover measurements.

Lastly we tried to match the font on the leather cover. We have a very extensive range of fonts in our library and indeed we were able to identify a very close matching font. Once the size of the wording on the original had been confirmed we were able to cut a blocking die, which is computer cut from a solid block of magnesium.

We then blocked the custom wording to the cover of the album in gold using a hot-foil blocking technique.

The following picture shows our finished post bound album open, note that a flap covers the screws which sit at the top of the posts. By lifting the flap easy access is available to the screws on the post should the client wish to add or remove pages.

Finally once again we show the finished album that we were very proud to produce. We were equally delighted to hear that the client in question was also delighted with the copy of the album we made.

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