Photo Mounts

We sell three types of acid free specialist photo mounts. Photo Mounts, these are double sided sticky squares and are best suited to mounting smaller photographs such as 6" x 4" and 5" x 7" photos. Our Multi Mount is a 20 metre roll of double sided tape in its own dispenser that you cut to suit your needs, ideally you would use two strips on the long edges of the photograph, you may also choose to use four strips one of each edge of the photograph. Lastly our Photo Corners are the original type of semi transparent photo mounts that you peel of the back and then stick to the page, these are recommend when mounting old photos that you might want to lift in the future or for photos that are simply to valuable to want to use a permanent mount.

250 Photo Mounts
20 Metres Photo Multi Mount
250 Photo Corners

How to Mount Photos in an Album

One of our professional photographer customers recently made a video of how to mount photographs in one of our albums and we are pleased to be able to display it here for you.

Please note you have to hit the play button to start the video.

With kind thanks to Dave Vickers Photography, London for the Video.

When you're creating a beautiful photo album to collect your treasured memories, how you choose to display your photos can make a huge difference. Not only do photo mounts help to display and arrange your photos, but they're also integral in protecting your pictures so that they don't become damaged, start to move, or risk falling out altogether.

Picture mounts are, therefore, an essential addition and finishing touch for your perfect photo album. Our easy-to-use picture mounts online mean that you can easily decide the placement and arrangement of your photos in an album.

By supplying three different options for you, you'll always find a photo mount that works best for you, your album, and the photos you're planning to arrange. In addition, our options include a slip in corner mount for those pictures which are more treasured and may need to be removed in the future. With this, you have complete peace of mind that your mounting provides complete flexibility if you want to take out, move to a different album or reposition with a new mount.

When choosing your photo mount, you need to be sure it's of professional quality that you can trust. When dealing with treasured photos, such as wedding photos or perhaps one-of-a-kind photos that have been handed down through generations, you want to be sure you can mount these easily. That's why we offer dependable photo mount options, which you can easily order online to display your important memories.

Photo mounts are perfect for your photo or wedding album, for creating an album for a loved one as a gift or providing as a gift if you know a photography-loving friend would appreciate them.