Slip In Photo Albums

Our Slip In Photo Albums feature easy to fill slip-in pockets and have paper memo tabs you can pull out and write on to help you record valuable information. There are two sizes of albums one for 6" x 4" photos and one for 5" x 7" photos. The 6" x 4" can hold either 200 or 300 photos and the 5" x 7" can hold 200 photos.

Heritage Original Fotostore Slip In Photo Albums are available in red, green or blue and have a contrasting black spine and black corners. The Heritage Handy Slip In Albums have tan corners and tan spine and come in a choice of burgundy, green or blue. Both ranges were on sale for many years in Harrods, John Lewis and Selfridges.

Numbered Photo Albums

To help you manage your albums you can have two numbers for collection numbering e.g. 1-99 blocked in gold on the spine.

Spine Dates and Volume Numbers

You can also choose to have four numbers for a year date e.g. 2018 or Roman numerals for example VOL. II, which again we block on to the spine in a gold finish to match the album design.