About Heritage

Today The Heritage Photo Album range is still made in the original hand operated bindery in the West Country that have made the albums for over 25 years, the albums being made-by-hand by English craftsmen in the traditional way.

Rather than tell you a story we thought we would show you some pictures from the bindery.


Here fabric is being measured prior to cutting to make an album cover.

Here an album cover is being cut to size and has already had fine gold blocking detail added.



This wedding album is being blocked on our timeless and reliable press.



The blockings finished now we have a completed cover.


This album features a cameo, a frame on the front cover so the owner can slot a photo into the front cover.


We offer a full personalisation service where you can have your own wording added to an album in either silver or gold or using blind embossing which is where the text is imprinted on to the cover creating a stylish depression of the lettering in the cover. Here's a traditional brass die blocking set.



One of most popular albums is the English Library Collection with a tan spine and corners. This picture shows a batch of newly made covers drying after being assembled.

Finally before the album gets wrapped, we add our logo to the back cover in silver or gold using a brass blocking die to identify it as an authentic Heritage Photo Album.


All our wedding albums need a gift box!