The Heritage Summer 2018 Competition

And the Winner is...

Mrs Rhys-Davies, who has shopped with Harpers Photographic, Woking, for over 40 years. She is currently 'working on' album 102, but has already completed 101 Heritage Albums.

Congratulations Mrs Rhys-Davies you have won our competition and we will be sending you a £50 voucher to spend as you wish.

Also a big thank you to all of you who took part, we really enjoyed your emails and also photos of your collections. We would also like to thank Carolyn for coming up with the idea in the first place, what a great idea it was!

Win £50 for the BIGGEST Collection of Heritage Albums

We recently heard from a dear and loyal long standing customer and it gave us an idea, could we find the person with the biggest collection of our albums.

With that in mind we came up with a simple idea, a gift of a gift voucher of £50 to spend on our website for the BIGGEST Collection.

Here's the email from Carolyn...

I now have 26 albums (16,000 photos!). As a loyal customer for several decades, I thought you may be interested to see my still growing collection of Heritage Library Classic 3 albums (all black pages, alternating tan/burgundy, tan/blue, tan/green covers).

I even had the strong shelves custom made to fit the albums! (But see how the weight is starting to make the shelves bow!) .

Please never stop making these beautiful albums as my collection has become legendary amongst my friends and family as it covers my entire life with not just photos but loads of other paper memorabilia (& diary extracts) in them too and my 2 young daughters fight over who will inherit them as the whole of their lives are in there too plus at least 15 family/friends weddings.

At my own wedding in 2000 I displayed all my albums for the guests to look at and they were thrilled at seeing themselves grown up amongst the pages too!

Holidays are a special feature as we travel extensively and these document each trip brilliantly. I pack them full of photos using photo mount glue as it's quicker and I can overlap photos and reckon I have over 16,000 photos in there (no going digital for me...and my friends say they are inspired to start their own hard copy collections after seeing mine!) I estimate that over the years I have spent over £3,500 on albums, glue and print processing but to me these albums are priceless!


So to take part its really simple...

Simply send us an email with a picture of your collection and tell us how many photo albums you have.

Email us at [email protected]

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.


Last evening we heard from Stephanie who moved ahead of Carolyn, here's her email!

I make that 55 Heritage photograph albums!

Not nearly as beautiful and tidy as Carolyn’s but my family love them too.  These rather reflect how your albums have changed over the years - i.e. after number 26 the size changed!  And 33 & 34 have no gold bands but they are all from your company.

Kind regards


So at that moment Stephanie took the lead.

And then we heard from David this morning...

Good Morning Team

I attach photo showing 57 Heritage Albums and there is 1 more ready for use. I also have 4 large albums on floor left hand side of photo and a few other albums pre 1995 which may or may not be from you (top shelf left hand end)

Best Wishes


So David now takes the lead!!

Just a moment, we have had an email from another David this evening... 

Sorry to beat the others but I have 77 albums and I can't get them all into one photo. Most are on a metal reinforced shelf in my office, others are in my daughter's room and the rest are waiting to be labelled and shelved. Please don't ever stop making them.

Best wishes,


Stop Press...

Tonight we have heard from Stuart

I'm up to 81 albums and hopefully many many more to follow. Love to pour a glass of wine and randomly pick a few to go through together.

Ok so it's not a winning entry but we are enjoying seeing our customers collections so here is an email and picture from Chris...

Here is a picture of the bookcase where I have the majority of them though not all of these are Heritage. The count is actually 51 having checked again but it looks like you have customers well ahead of that - well done!!

Best regards


100 Not Out! …. How's That

This morning we heard from Harpers Photographic

We have a customer, Mrs Rhys-Davies, who has shopped with Harpers Photographic, Woking, for over 40 years. She is currently 'working on' album 102, but has already completed 101 Heritage Albums.

I enclose a few photos for you to confirm the above.

Many Regards,
Jenny @Harpers Photographic

So as things stand now I think it looks highly likely that this customer will be the winner which I assure you will be announced very soon!

Late News... added in November 2023

Following our email newsletter we have heard from David from the The London Design Studio Co Ltd, a long standing customer of ours who buy our large Classic Three English Library Albums, that

"My wife over the very many years we have bought these Heritage Photo Albums has well over 130 Albums".

Over the years we have put together a library in our loft of memories in your albums which total about 135—140 albums. We live in a restored by me, Arts and Crafts Grade II listed Cottage not far from Wimbledon Common. I also built the reinforced album shelves to album size about 18 months ago.

That might be a new record unless you know differently!

And now a thought from us...

And seeing your albums has made us think, we will now look at offering either of two options having a year date printed on the spine or a number of your choice. We think we could offer this extra service for as little as £3.95 per album.

Heritage Photo Albums