Pictures Printed on a Traditional Photo Album Cover

Bespoke Photo Album Embossed with a Line Drawing

We were asked if we could print a photo on the cover of a photo album together with some personalised text.

The album was to record the restoration of an old hall building that had recently undergone major refurbishment.

This is the picture the customer sent us to see what was possible.

Whilst technically we can not print a photo on the cover of a photo album we offered our customer a way that met her requirements, this is the story of what we did...

We asked the customer to send us a high resolution electronic copy of the image. We then sent the customers photograph to a very talented graphic artist who made a line drawing by picking out the main characteristics of the building.

Before proceeding the customer was sent a high resolution pdf file of the artwork for approval. As the file is of high quality the image can be kept by the customer should they have the requirement to have it printed for other purposes. Once the artwork was approved we then had a magnesium block made of the design by our block making company.

This is the resulting line drawing

We then made a navy blue leather photo album with 40 cream pages that featured traditional semi-opaque interleave sheets that protect the picture.

Once the album was made we then blocked the line drawing on to the cover using a hot foil technique which uses gold foil and a hand operated blocking machine to emboss the design onto the album.

This is the album having been embossed and finished and ready to end to the customer.

We were delighted to have had an email from the customer on receipt of the bespoke photo album embossed with a line drawing: Dear Heritage, The album has arrived. It looks great. I am so pleased with it. Thanks Leanne.