Photo Albums vs Photo Books

There are three major differences that you should know about photo albums verses photo books.

Photo Albums

The Photographs

Your pictures for your photo album will be printed on special photographic paper.

Your photos are then mount by hand on to our special acid-free card weight paper pages which are thick, durable, and are resistant to wear and tear.

Using professional photos your pictures will display a true to life colour vibrancy.

The Covers & Binding

Our photo album covers are hand made and in leather, leatherette, linen, high quality booking papers or a mixture of both.

Albums by their nature have a sophisticated and elegant look. A brass oval frame called a cameo on the cover is also an option on most albums.

Our covers are hand made to fit each individual album perfectly unlike photo book makers who make their covers using a case-making machine and hence only allows a small number of spine page capacities.

As every single part of your album is put together by hand and the cover is custom made photo albums can have as many pages as needed.

Album Durability

Due to the carefully chosen materials we use, our photo albums are very durable, its construction process and its heavier weight also play a part in this.

You can find photo albums that still look brand new after decades.

That is why a photo album is recommended for family and wedding albums so they can be passed down to future generations to cherish and enjoy.

Photo Books

The Photographs

Photographs for photo books are printed by digital presses onto double-sided regular paper that usually has a glossy or matte finish. This is the same process as used for printing magazines or brochures and so has true to life colour limitations.

Covers and Binding

Photo books may come with a soft photo cover (printed on paper), a hard photo cover, or a leather/leatherette cover. Depending on whom you work with, some offer the option of having a fabric cover and a die-cut window for a photo on the cover.

Photo books are normally assembled using glue or stitching like most magazines or books.

Photo books also have a limited number of options regarding the number of pages.


As photo books are printed using a digital press printer onto relatively thin paper, they are not really designed to last for a life time. They are even susceptible to a page bending or even falling out.


It has to be said that the most attractive aspects of a real photo album are its durability and its sophisticated style.

If you want an album that will last a lifetime its best to choose a hand-crafted photo album, it will be worth the investment.

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