Photo Album Props for Film and TV - Casualty Christmas Special 2019

Heritage were delighted to be asked to make some bespoke photo albums to be used as props in the filming of the 2019 Casualty Christmas Special programme.

Please note you have to press the start button on the video to start to play it. Note you can also choose full screen to see more detail!

The photo album was made using real silk that had been chosen by the BBC. Initially we were sent a swatch to make sure we could work with the material. Once we confirmed we could cover the album with the silk we made the cover. Then once dried added 40 cream pages to the interior. As you can see the pages are suitable for adding words and comments to the pictures which helps to bring the detail in the photos to life and back to memory.

Lastly the photo album was placed in a nice gift box and was sent to the BBC Art Department for use in filming the 2019 Casualty Christmas Special.