A Bespoke Leather Bound Photo Album for a Prime Minister

Heritage were delighted to have been asked to make a personalised black leather photo album that was to be a gift to The Hon Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is the current the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The album was to contain 30 black pages and to include the traditional semi opaque glassine interleaves that help to protect the photographs.

Having made the album by hand the next stage was to add the personalised wording.

Heritage can block in virtually any font available. In this instance the customer wanted to use a font called Garamond. In liaison with the customer the size of the final wording is agreed. We produce a PDF proof of the wording that if printed can be printed to "actual size". Having agreed the album dimensions this allows the final font size to be decided.

In this case we used the same font through-out but the font was used in different size for example in the strap line.

The wording to be used is fed in to a computer and a machine then cuts a blocking die (wording block) out of a solid piece of magnesium.

The magnesium block is then inserted into an old-fashioned hand operated blocking machine with the album underneath. The gold effect being obtained by using a gold foil in the process.

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