Parents and Grandparents Wedding Albums

Our handmade parents wedding albums are available in three classic styles, Harmony, Romantica and St James. The Harmony albums feature an ostrich white with walnut beige design with gold line blocking. The Romantica albums have a white silk finish design with gold spine blocking and the St James' albums collection is a traditional style of parents wedding album that features a white leather look design with gold spine blocking.

Our parents and grandparents wedding albums can be embossed on the front cover with a choice of wording which is included in the price: Wedding, Our Daughter's Wedding, Our Son's Wedding, My Daughter's Wedding, My Son's Wedding, Our Granddaughter's Wedding, Our Grandson's Wedding, an image of Wedding Rings or plain without wording.

Parents Wedding Photo Albums Size Guide

Our Parents and Grandparents Wedding Photo Album Range consists of the Classic Mini, our smallest and the Classic Studio 80. The guide below shows which photo album is best suited for your size of photos.

Classic Mini 6"x4" 5"x7"              
30 sheets / 60 sides size size              
Page Size:  8" x 6" /
20.5 x 15 cm
60 photos 60 photos              
Classic Studio 80 6"x4" 5"x7" 8"x6"            
40 sheets / 80 sides size size size            
Page Size: 9" x 8 3/4" /
23 x 22 cm
160 photos 80 photos 80 photos            

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