Large Panoramic Photo Album for very wide photographs

Our client asked us to make a large bespoke navy blue leather photograph album for his 27 truly panoramic photos that were 24 x 7 inches in size and that had been produced for him by the highly renowned Tempest Photography company.

We worked out that if we produced the wide panoramic photo album with a useable page size of 26” inches wide and 11” inches high this would allow the Tempest Panoramic photographs a small but complimentary border around each photograph.

The album was made using card weight cream acid free pages and was bound using the post bound album binding technique which uses rigid brass posts to hold the pages securely in the panoramic album.

Once complete the album cover measured 28 ½” inches and when opened had an overall span of approx. 5 feet (60 inches / or 1 ½ metres).

As Heritage handmake panoramic albums we can make them to virtually any size you require, containing as many or a few pages as you require. Your extra large panoramic photo album can also be personalised through the addition of wording, crests and logos being embossed on to the album in silver, gold or using a blind embossing technique that creates an impression of the wording in the leather cover.